The Psychologist’s Pledge

I solemnly swear that I will take responsibility of my thoughts and actions. I will perceive each person as a unique individual.

I will be silent what it is to be silent, protecting the sacred oath of confidentiality. I will speak the truth, be respectful, and know my abilities, my limits, and myself.

I will ask for help when I need it and acknowledge when I don’t know something. I will give back and strive to make my presence be a healing one in the world. I will take care of others.

As I take this oath as a psychologist and a helping professional, may I be guided with ethical standards of me as a practitioner of psychology, so help me God.


The Psychology Department aims to produce graduates who can:

  • Demonstrate the capability to discuss and analyze the major theories and concepts in psychology;
  • Demonstrate and apply the methods of psychological inquiry in building knowledge on local culture and context;
  • Demonstrate and apply psychological theories and methods in personal, technological and professional setting;
  • Demonstrate capability for self-reflection and independent learning in graduate education or in a professional context;
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors in research and practice in psychology;
  • Demonstrate harmonious interpersonal relationships with colleagues, clients, and others in diverse cultural settings;
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct psychological assessments and evaluation
  • Integration of institutional core values; and
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial skills in areas related to psychology.