The Physical Therapist's Pledge

I, solemnly pledge before God to carry out the task assigned to me faithfully and to the best of my abilities.

To instill in my mind that the patient’s lives may depend upon the preciseness in the assessment, evaluation and implementation of plans that I will perform on them to respect human lives and be sympathetic towards all patients.

To hold inviolately the confidence placed in me by both the patient and the physician.

To work harmoniously with the fellow therapists and others who care for the sick.

To uphold the ethics and dignity of my profession. To maintain an open minded of new ideas and new truth. So help me God.


The Physical Therapy Department aims to produce nursing graduates who can:

  • Apply knowledge of physical sciences, social sciences, health sciences, and natural sciences to the practice of physical therapy;
  • Demonstrate consistent competence in conducting a comprehensive examination, evaluation, and assessment of patients/clients across the lifespan within a broad continuum of care;
  • Demonstrate consistent competence in planning and implementing appropriate physical therapy interventions for patients/clients across the lifespan within a broad continuum of care;
  • Apply teaching-learning principles in different learning environments;
  • Practice beginning management and leadership skills in various practice settings;
  • Demonstrate research-related skills in the application of best practice evidence in the performance of various roles in different
  • Promote health and improved quality of life through the practice of the profession.
  • Actively engage in lifelong learning activities.
  • Work effectively in an inter-professional collaborative setting.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication skills as well as reading and listening
  • Demonstrate social and professional responsibility and ethical behaviors in multi-cultural settings and scenarios.
  • Maximize the use of innovative technology in the practice of the profession.