The Midwife’s Pledge

I solemnly pledge that I will do my best seeking God’s help and asking for His Grace; To keep my body healthy, strong, and pure that the task of a midwife, I must carry for sure;

To keep my mind alert and full awake; to the profession I have chosen, for life I will stick; to be trustworthy, refined, polite, and gracious in manner; an inspiration always to those under my care;

To serve unselfishly and wisely everywhere; guiding the innocent, easing the sufferers; to make my work filled with sweetness and beauty where fellowship is found in adversity to be loyal to my patients, associate, country, and God, from whom I dearly owe my life and my love. So help me God.


The Midwifery Department aims to produce graduates who can:

  • Apply basic and advanced professional midwifery practice in the care of the girl- child, adolescent, and woman prior to, during, and after pregnancy;
  • Provide primary health care services;
  • Demonstrate gender sensitivity in dealing with clients;
  • Maintain complete, accurate, and timely documentation of client care with the aid of information and communication technology;
  • Communicate effectively with clients using appropriate language;
  • Work with the Community Health team in organizing, and mobilizing the community towards health and human development;
  • Practice Midwifery in accordance with standards of practice, existing laws and legislations, ethics and moral principles;
  • Manage maternal and child health clinics at the community level;
  • Engage in independent, entrepreneurial healthcare activities;
  • Perform collaborative health-related functions, within the scope of practice;
  • Engage in professional growth and development activities for lifelong learning;
  • Initiate collaborative and independent research activities; and
  • Participate in developing midwifery educational programs.